Friday, January 16, 2015

The first blog from Nutcracker Nursery and Tree Farm

Hi everyone,
My name is Marc-Olivier Harvey, I'm the owner of Nutcracker nursery. I always been a passionate about trees and forest. I have studied geography at university at first. But I have change the orientation of my career. My business is a new one in this world since 2012 as I started to produce some potted trees. My goal is to develop this market here in Quebec and eastern Canada and to work full time in my business. This is what I'm doing now since one year as the nursery is getting more and popular. In 2013 and 2014 I have started to produce many more bare roots and containers trees. We are specialyzed in nut trees, oaks and rare trees. We produce our trees on a 4 hectares land of very good quality soil in southern Quebec, a sandy loam perfect for growing trees. Here is our website adresse below 

The sign at one of the two nursery entrances: Casse-Noisette means Nutcracker in english.


The company Mission

Nutcracker Nursery mission’s is to produce and provide hardy nut trees seedlings and young plants, potted and bare roots that are not easily found in Eastern Canada. The nursery’s production is available to people who wishes to acquire rare and value-added trees for their gardens or wood land. We also supply commercial garden centers and landscaping businesses, farm operators and other commercial ventures. Nutcracker rare and hardy trees are an excellent addition to any permaculture project.
The nursery’s production stands out in comparison to other nurseries because of the variety of nut trees and fruit producing trees, vast range of oak species and other rare sough-after trees that will delight true connoisseurs.

Furthermore, Nutcracker nursery intent to actively promote the production of added-value trees and to educate people on the benefits of cultivating plants that can be harvested for food and that can produce high quality lumber.

An added value tree is a tree that not only embellishes the land but also serves another purpose during its life such as producing fruits and nuts providing healthy food for consumption. Food production has become a well known topic nowadays, and finding ways to do so while maintaining a biodiversity is possible when using added value trees. These same trees can also be used to produce higher quality lumber and will be distinguished from the majority of trees growing on the surrounding area.
By cultivating indigenous and noble species, Nutcracker Nursery is working at maintaining the biodiversity and is promoting, within our society, the importance of cultivating leafy trees that have been forgotten over the decades in our cities and villages.
And at last, the nursery also wishes to introduce unknown or overlooked species that have potential to thrive in northern environment and outside of their natural area.

Small seedling of one year growing in the middle of summer in our 4 hectares field.

The green house will be use to produce many seedling this coming spring. We use the green house for just a part of our production. Often It will serve for species with very samll seeds.

About our trees

All our nut trees and rare trees are produced so that the transplanting process goes as naturally and successfully as possible. Our plants’ growth is not accelerated with fertilizers containing high levels of nitrogen and/or phosphorus, and we do not use chemical fertilizers.
The plants are not laid down during the winter season which ensures the survival of the trees during the following winters and therefore successfully thrive afterward. We do not systematically water the plants to allow the trees to develop a strong root system.

Natural growth rates such as our plantation yield sometime smaller trees but yet make sturdier plants that have a good equilibrium root/bole. These trees are better able to resist and survive transplanting, climatic stress such as hot and dry summers, cold winters or poor soil conditions.

A small part of our pruduction: from left to right, Amur Cork tree, star magnolia and red mulberry.           

2 rows of oaks production by thousand...

Here is about all the varieties of nut trees we produce. We have also pine nut trees

Look for the next posts in this blog. You will learn a lot about trees, permaculture, nut trees and our news and products as well.

Happy to see you among our followers !

Marc-Olivier Harvey
Owner of Nutcracker nursery
320 rang riv. Sud-Ouest Maskinonge
Quebec, Canada